ACREofART 2017   Looking for a Handle- Jeremy Nuttall,   BorBor 8 -William Vannerson,   Athena -Sam Spiczka,   Sleepy Time -William Fillmore,   Here -Ruth Migdal,  Two Wings and a Prayer -Andrew Arvanetes,   The Die May or May Not Be Cast -Rob Neilson,   Wing Meditation Bench -Victorai Patti,   Lessons Learned -Mike Godell

ACREofART 2017 Looking for a Handle-Jeremy Nuttall,  BorBor 8-William Vannerson,  Athena-Sam Spiczka,  Sleepy Time-William Fillmore,  Here-Ruth Migdal, Two Wings and a Prayer-Andrew Arvanetes,  The Die May or May Not Be Cast-Rob Neilson,  Wing Meditation Bench-Victorai Patti,  Lessons Learned-Mike Godell

A new season of ACREofART is upon us!

ACREofART returns in 2018 to germinate a whole new crop of community sponsored sculpture and expand it beyond Appleton’s Downtown and Riverfront Districts and  into our neighboring communities of Neenah and Menasha. We are quickly realizing the vision of our public sculpture program, sooner that we even thought possible, and we are so excited to be spreading the joy of monumental public art further down the Fox River, seeding the fertile fields of the greater Fox Valley!

ACREofART expands the visual enhancement of downtown districts and open public green spaces while showcasing works from nationally recognized artists. It is funded entirely with sponsorships by area businesses and individual donors. At the close of each biannual season, these donors get first dibs to acquire their sponsored sculpture and we truly hope that some will seize the unique opportunity and take that next big step - purchase and permanently place these great works of art in our community!

Sculpture Valley intends to purchase one or more works from each season of ACREofART and then coordinate with community governments or private partnerships to permanently place them in our public realm. Our goal is to install sculpture from our annual competitions within numerous city parks, urban green spaces, and select sites along the expanded trails system of the Fox Valley. 

With ACREofART we have joined the envious list of visionary cities across the nation which recognize how important and significant it is to add to the beauty and embrace of their community with public sculpture. We also recognize that this program is impossible without the generous support or arts advocates and area business who understand the value of public art and its ability to transform urban landscapes into desirable and attractive places to live and linger in.

Please consider becoming a sponsor for the 2018 -2020 Season. Take the brief survey of interest to let us know you are thinking about it. And if you're a dimensional artist and want us to consider your work, list the submission form for program specifics and submit your proposal  

Revisit the first season of the ACREofART by downloading the free multi-platform touring app, Otocast.