Sculpture Valley Board of Directors

2018 begins a new chapter for Sculpture Valley welcoming a robust
Board of Directors whose broad engagement in the visual arts in the Fox Valley will propel our mission forward.
 the Draw

 the Draw

John Adams - President

Chief curator of the Father & Bone galleries at the Draw, John brings with him an ever-expanding command of the Valley's arts scene and a deep immersion into the emerging talent that surfaces at his gallery. The Draw is a raw, but wholly extraordinary, exhibition and studio space offering local and regional creatives uncut opportunities for creatively and boundless exploration. We're super-excited to have John take the helm!

Tony's Work

Tony's Work

Tony Conrad - Vice President

Tony is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Art at Lawrence University and his influence is just beginning to surface in the public realm. In 2016 he introduced the Mandala Project, an evolving and contributory public art exhibition, installing the first series of his five mandalas in a parking ramp adjacent to Houdini Plaza. Tony’s award-wining works have been exhibited at the Museum of Wisconsin Art, and the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.


Sean Keepers - Tresurer

Sean is a freelance graphic designer and creative director whose client list includes the American Museum of Natural History, the Brooklyn Museum, and the New York Public Library, as well as dozens of Broadway and off-Broadway theater productions. He recently returned to his hometown in the Fox Valley and is eager to play a role in shaping the public arts of Appleton.

Allen James Design

Allen James Design

Kyle Knoke - Secretary

Kyle has been engaged in the arts in the Fox Valley for decades. As the former owner of the Allen/Thomas Gallery in Neenah in the early 2000's, Kyle introduced the Fox Valley to numerous national Contemporary artists for the first time. While that gallery is now just a fond memory, Kyle has continued to push creative endeavors as the owner of a successful design firm, Allen James Design.

Wriston Galleries

Wriston Galleries

Beth Zinsli - Fundraiser

Beth is the director and chief curator of the Wriston Art Galleries at Lawrence University. Beth serves as an assistant art history professor at LU and in her previous tenures at the University of Madison and Carthage College, not only taught art history courses but managed budgets and cut her teeth on the tedious process of grant-writing. We're hopeful that experience pays off!


Neilson's Work

Neilson's Work

Rob Neilson - Former VP

As Frederick R. Layton Professor of Art, Rob has been teaching sculpture at Lawrence for a decade and a half. Rob was recently awarded several commissions for Appleton's new exhibition center. Now on permanent display, his public artworks; You Are Here, We Are Here and Community Caryatids, bring Rob some well-deserved and long-overdue recognition of his talents and on-going investment in the public arts of the Fox Valley.

Creative Downtown

Creative Downtown

Jennifer Stephany - Executive Director Appleton Downtown

Jennifer has been with us for many years, often steering ADi and Sculpture Valley initiatives down parallel paths to fruition. She continues to play a vital role in securing sponsorship and support for our ACREofART project and there is no better word to describe her value to this organization, and our mission, than "priceless." 


Lynn Hagee

Lynn has a long history with the arts during her tenure at Lawrence University. In her many current roles as an actively engaged board member of various arts organizations around the Valley, she's finding retirement to be rather busier that she ever anticipated... and she loves it! 


Cindy Kort - Elementary School Teacher

Cindy is carrying the legacy of the family name, and her mother Ellen Kort, forward, by leading the discussion of the Peace Park design and future event programming in what we know will become a national model for community activated public parks. The Ellen Kort Peace Park design recently won an Honor Award from the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Good things are coming...

Coventry Glassworks

Coventry Glassworks

Linda Muldoon - Owner Coventry Glassworks

Linda owns and operates a successful stained glass and arts gallery in Downtown Appleton and has been quietly influencing the arts in Appleton long before the rest of us showed up. Her stained glass handiwork can be seen in churches, chapels and storefronts all around the Fox Valley and her numerous other commissioned artworks hang prominently in places of communal gathering and healing.


Sean Dolan - Photoshop Retoucher

Sean is a committed member of the organization, dedicated to the Peace Park project and there to help wherever and whenever needed. After all, we don't know that many people with his drone-flying abilities, not to mention his nunchuck skills, bow-hunting skills, and computer hacking skills...



Alex Schultz - Executive Director

Alex has been at this from the very beginning, serving as the organization's President for many years as it slowly developed into the flagship public arts organization it is today. His guiding influence has shaped many public arts policy decisions and under his leadership, advocacy for the arts in Appleton has never been stronger.